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You may be the prettiest cat in school, but if you don’t get enough sleep, no one will see it.

If Hermione’s cat, Crookeshanks, spends 13 to 16 hours a day sleeping, how many hours of sleep do Hermione, Harry and Ron need?

Sleep is part of academic success just like short funny videos are part of TikTok success?

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de 8 à 10 heures

Chaque personne est différente, mais il semble que les ados ont besoin de 8 à 10 heures de sommeil par nuit. Eh oui, les besoins en sommeil ne sont pas les mêmes pour tout le monde. Alors que Harry fonctionne bien avec moins d’heures de sommeil, son ami Ron en a besoin de plus pour se sentir bien. Et que dire d’Hermione et son «retourneur de temps»!

C’est la nature qui est ainsi faite! Diversité des personnes et de leurs besoins en sommeil. Le mot d’ordre est de viser un sommeil réparateur et de se sentir bien. Toi, sais-tu de combien d’heures de sommeil tu as besoin pour recharger tes batteries?

Cela dit, comment se fait-il que les chats dorment autant? Il s’agit d’un vestige de l’époque où ces félins devaient chasser leurs repas. Avec autant de sommeil en poche, les chats possédaient l’énergie nécessaire au cas où ils auraient à courir longtemps pour attraper une proie.


Le manque de sommeil nuit à la performance scolaire parce que le sommeil est important pour ton attention et ta mémoire.

D’abord, tout comme un compagnon d’études qui n’arrête pas de faire cliquer son stylo, le manque de sommeil perturbe ta capacité à te concentrer en classe. Ainsi, comment retenir que l’Acte de Québec a été adopté en 1774 si ton attention n’y était pas?

Le manque de sommeil nuit aux apprentissages que tu as réalisés durant la journée aussi car c’est grâce au sommeil que tout s’enregistre sur ton disque dur interne. En gros, tu auras beau étudier, si tu ne dors pas, ça ne rentrera pas.

Si tu veux briller à l’école autant qu’une étoile dans le ciel de la nuit, le sommeil est ton meilleur allié.

Les cauchemars sont des rêves dont le contenu est aussi angoissant que de voir quelqu’un perdre son dentier en mangeant de la crème glacée. Blague à part, les émotions qu’ils génèrent sont parfois tellement intenses qu’ils peuvent te causer de la difficulté à te rendormir sur le coup, mais aussi nuit après nuit. Après «affronter des créatures monstrueuses», les rêves les plus fréquents chez les jeunes sont «être victime d’une agression physique», suivi de «tomber dans son sommeil» et «être en retard». On sait ça grâce à des chercheurs comme Mathieu Pilon (celui derrière PNPDD) qui a lu et analysé des tonnes de récits de rêves et de cauchemars dans son laboratoire du sommeil.

Everyone is different, but it seems that teenagers need 8 to 10 hours of sleep per night. Yes, not everyone needs the same amount of sleep. While Harry functions well on less sleep, his friend Ron needs more to feel good. And what about Hermione and her “time-turner”!

It’s nature’s way! Diversity of people and their sleep needs. The key is to aim for restful sleep and to feel good. Do you know how many hours of sleep you need to recharge your batteries?

That said, why do cats sleep so much? It’s a relic of the days when these felines had to hunt for their meals. With so much sleep in their pockets, cats had the energy they needed in case they had to run long distances to catch prey.


Lack of sleep affects academic performance because sleep is important for your attention and memory.

First of all, just like a fellow student who keeps clicking his pen, lack of sleep disrupts your ability to concentrate in class. For example, how can you remember that the Quebec Act was passed in 1774 if your attention was not there?

Lack of sleep also affects what you have learned during the day because it is thanks to sleep that everything is recorded on your internal hard drive. Basically, no matter how much you study, if you don’t sleep, it won’t stick.

If you want to shine in school like a star in the night sky, sleep is your best ally.


Nightmares are dreams that are as frightening as seeing someone lose their teeth while eating ice cream. Joking aside, the emotions they generate are sometimes so intense that they can make it hard for you to go back to sleep right away, and night after night. After “facing monstrous creatures”, the most common dreams among young people are “being physically assaulted”, followed by “falling” and “being late”. We know this thanks to researchers like Mathieu Pilon (the one behind TNDO) who has read and analyzed tons of dreams and nightmares in his sleep lab.


In general, humans need to feel comfortable and secure to freely indulge in sleep. That’s why you need your sleeping environment, basically your room or your bed, to fit you so you can sleep well. We are all different and so is what makes us feel good and safe.

However, we know that what invites sleep in general is an environment that:

  • is dedicated to it (just sleep)
  • is cool
  • is dark
  • is not noisy

It’s not a cave, but it’s your space, your personal space where you feel safe enough to abandon yourself in the arms of Morpheus (a Greek god, no less).

The devil is in the details, everything can be thought of or rethought in your room (or simply your bed). Do you like your mattress, pillow and bedding? Do the colors of your walls and your decorations make you want to dance on your bed or lie in it peacefully? What are your light sources? Alarm clock? Screen? A lamp? Disco ball? In general, a cool room temperature makes for a good night’s sleep, but some people are big, heavy comforters even in the summer, while others sleep like a stranded whale at the beach even if it’s 15 degrees.

Your room, your space, your style.


In experiments on beauty, scientists showed their participants photos of people and asked them to say who looked fitter, more attractive, healthier, etc. Some photos were of people who said they were tired and sleep-deprived and others of people who were rested (with or without dark circles, for example). Some photos were of people who said they were tired and sleep-deprived and others of people who were rested (with or without dark circles, for example). The result: the photos of people who had enough sleep and said they were in good shape were the ones that were judged more attractive than the others. The moral of this story? Sleep is the beauty trick of the century! Well, it doesn’t make a great video “tutorial”, we agree, but at least your natural “glow” doesn’t pollute your face or the planet.

PS: No animal was mistreated for this question.

Sleeping during the day, as well as at night, is important to be at your best physically and mentally. It can be a very effective way to recharge your batteries. It’s not for nothing that we call it a power nap. Your brain, your muscles and your growing skeleton will thank you. Beware of drowsiness because it tells you that you are lacking sleep. You know, it’s when you sleep in class or in other places that aren’t suitable for sleep. Drowsiness is a sign that it’s time to make adjustments to your day and night sleep. Why not add planned naps to your schedule? There’s no age limit to the benefits of napping, it’s good for kids and adults alike, but there are rules to mastering the art of napping:
  1. No more than 10-20 minutes you will sleep, short nap will be (or 90 minutes to do a full cycle, no less, no more – set an alarm).
  2. Before your evening meal, thou shall nap, otherwise beware of your night sleep that will escape you.
  3. Thou shall sleep at night, for a nap does not replace the restorative sleep of the night, just as a snack is not a meal.
  4. Attentive you will be if sleep takes hold of you and makes you fall asleep anywhere and anytime and especially where you shouldn’t, in your classes for example. The nap that comes without warning is a sign that you lack sleep, that you suffer from drowsiness. You need to take action and take care of yourself.