What do you think of all this?

Is sleep useful for you or is it a waste of time?
Is going to bed a nightmare or a moment you look forward to?
And what do you do at night? Do you talk? Snore? Do you text?

We dare you to lift the veil on the night so we can talk about the real stuff.

Our approach

What’s a #TNDO (To Not Doze Off) challenge?

It’s a collaborative challenge for 12-17 year olds in which you can participate solo, in pairs, in groups, with your class, even with your cat.
You can even decide to collaborate with one or more members of the TNDO team or other adults… yes, your parents, your teacher, your coach, etc.
You just have to choose the activity you like to make us dream with your slices of the night.

Here's what it looks like when the #TNDO team chooses the video activity.

Our activities

Comic strip

6 to 8 squares on a page or vertical scroll


between 30 seconds and 3 minutes max


one or two photos, no more


between 30 and 90 seconds vertically


Are you passionate about the night, dreams and sleep?
We are waiting for you to set the clock back… on sleep!


If Hermione’s cat, Crookeshanks, spends 13 to 16 hours a day sleeping, how many hours of sleep do Hermione, Harry and Ron need?

Sleep is part of academic success just like short funny videos are part of TikTok success?