Yay you decided to go for it!

Here are some instructions to participate in this collaborative challenge:

The principle is simple, it must be related to sleep!

You have carte blanche to tell us about something that intrigues, worries or interests you in relation to what we all do for more than a third of our lives… sleep.
Don’t hesitate to write to us to discuss your idea or to come and get some inspiration. We want to collaborate with you.

To take up the challenge, all you have to do is share your “bedtime story” on social networks OR through the download link if you’re more of a “small group” type.

Share on social networks: make a post with your content and don’t forget to use the hashtag #TNDO on the social network of your choice (Insta, TikTok, YouTube, FB, etc.) to make your participation count.


Send your file

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The TNDO team played along by opting for the video format.
We put a few 💜 you, but anything is possible… or almost.


The #TNDO Challenge is open to anyone between the ages of 12 and 17. No purchase of any kind is necessary, and there is no entry fee.

Only your participation counts in this challenge.

You can create your content in a variety of formats (e.g. MP4, MP3, PDF or JPEG), depending on how you choose to participate (e.g. video, podcast, comic strip or photo) and how you choose to share it (e.g. social networking or with the team by uploading to this site).

Each submission must be an original work. That is, no plagiarism or unauthorized borrowing. You are responsible for the intellectual property. Make sure you have the rights to use images, photos, text or music.

Please note that submissions must NOT:

  • Promote any product or brand.
  • Violate the terms of use of the host platform (Instagram, TikTok or YouTube).
  • Show or identify other people by name without written permission from them. You must have these permissions in your possession when sharing.
  • Contain any of the following: profanity; content depicting or promoting sexual activity; content depicting or promoting illegal activities; content that depicts or promotes violence or harm; any other offensive, obscene or inappropriate content.


classic or WEBTOON

Tell us a story of your own in the format of a comic strip of 6 to 8 squares maximum. You can do it on a page or in a scrolling WEBTOON format.

Favorite 💜 Teen comic: “La brigade des cauchemars” by Frank Thilliez

Favorite 💜 illustrations and content: “Le sommeil à l’oeil nu” is interesting and so beautiful!


Records an audio file of 30 seconds to 3 minutes maximum.

Favorite 💜 podcasts: the offbeat podcasts for kids from “La puce à l’oreille


Share one or two of your photos (no more) and explain in a sentence or two its connection to sleep if needed.

Favorite 💜 photo: “My room project” by John Thackwray takes us on a journey around the world through photos of bedrooms. Great for learning about different sleeping environments.


Create a video (any accepted format, documentary, animation, interview, etc.) of 30 seconds to 1 minute 30 seconds maximum filmed vertically.

Everyone has bedtime stories; the proof is in the videos of the creators of this project!

Favorite 💜 discover the videos of American students on the importance of sleep.